Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Update

Well, I'm not sure, but last night, I was thinking about what I wanted to do over the summer - even though it is in a year. I want to intern somewhere... my friend is interning up at a church in NY, it is completely re-affirming that he is meant to be a youth pastor - his passion is blazing. And I want to intern with missions the entire summer to see if a) I am called to long or short term missions, and b) to be sure that missions is where God is, in fact calling me.

Well, I'll let the summer present itself however it may... and for the time being, I'm going to focus on being a missionary here and now. After all, wherever I go, if I'm called to be a missionary... it's not like I'll be pulling a Clark Kent and put on my super-"missionary" costume. I will have to practice being the plain old Jon Caum missionary... not something I become temporarily.

And now I'm off my soap box.

Good night.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Words for Life

"My God's enough for me... This world has nothing I need...
my God's enough."

Powerful words. Especially when they are screaming in your face to let God be enough. (I am referring to my own personal experiences. This is not an attempt to guilt trip anyone.)

In Biblical history, people bowed down to worship a rock that was shaped to look like some sort of thing. But still was nothing more than a rock. In our times, rocks have become more sophisticated. They are now dual core. They have a V8 engine. They do more than a rock ever could. And it is that much easier to fall into worshiping that item, either briefly, or even subconsciously. It is easy to find myself wanting just another CD of this band, or a smaller laptop with a better sound card to record. Or the latest and greatest S90 from Yamaha. Toys... rocks. They will still rust. They will break down and their true value will be made known - nothing more than a piece of rock. And how pathetic does it sound to bow down to a pebble? I hate it how I can let the devil pull me aside, distract me, and pull my devotion away from where it belongs. My God's enough. He always has been and always will be.

This world has nothing I need.

My God's enough.

Proverbs 12:11 (NASB) - "He who tills his land will have plenty of bread, but he who pursues worthless things lacks sense."

Father, please forgive me.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"It is impossible to turn a ship that is not moving. Once moving, it can turn toward the right course." -Kreg Cheshire

Wow. For the longest time I had had the attitude of... well, I'm not gonna get a job until I know it's where God is calling me. And then I stepped out of the boat. I started working on campus at Southeastern back when I was going there... and now I'm at Lifway in Brandon. If God is calling me to another workplace and I'm not listening to Him, then by all means, I wanna get fired. But just because we might be unsure as to whether where we're going at the present time is what God wants or not, we shouldn't treat it as anything short of where God wants us. In all we do, we need to do as we would unto the Lord. God wouldn't want us slacking off, giving less than our full effort for anything. I wish I had this mentality in highschool... I could have turned a C or two into B's. But now is now, and then was then. Moving on. And learning - hopefully. So I don't think I'm gonna sit on my butt forever wondering if the next girl I meet will be my future wife or not. I'll be a friend to them all... and time will tell how things turn out. (it's not like I'm being chased by girls anyway :-P) There definitely is no rush... plus I'll have more time to grow into the husband my wife needs me to be.

If that or anything I ever say goes against what the Bible says, please, by all means, either correct me, or just don't adhere to what I wrote.

Thanks, Kreg.

Friday, July 14, 2006


are all struggles we go through meant to produce a greater strength? are some supposed to bring us to the point of asking ourselves what is actually wrong, other than the fact that there might be a rain cloud going on inside ourselves. i try to look at every trial as coming from God... and God is in control of everything, good, bad and ugly... i just also need to remind myself that i live in a world that is drenched in sin... and that sometimes crap happens because of ourselves... i don't know where i'm going or why i even wrote this. i'm just having afterthoughts on my car and how that was a lesson to me in many ways (thanks to my mom for helping me to point out some of my weaknesses, once again)

ok, so... i'm done.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

ok, so i've been having car trouble for the past week or two, and it's reminding me of a part of the matrix: reloaded... where neo and the dude in control of zion are having a conversation about control. i wish we all could go back to the days where grew the food we ate, and shared what we've grown with others... and where a trip to someone's house was a special thing... not some 5 minute drive where the special occasion is non-existent. i wish writing letters was our way of long distance phone calls... and reading books was the thing. we live in a world where we're all controlled by this slight blessing and gargantuous curse called electricity and industry. i would have rathered to have grown up in the day where a cause of death could only be pointed to God telling that person that it was their time... and not some tumor that was caused by too much sweet-n-low and too few carrots. i wish i had a life where ignorance was bliss, not chaos. yes, science is a thing of God... but for me, i wouldn't mind not knowing something, and having the ability to say that the cause of anything was God, and not the centrifical force of object A being knocked off balance by object B... or the act of clouds colliding causing lightning to flash, which in turn would cause a fire... or a large hurricane or tsuname caused by a depression in the temperature or an earthquake. i have lost that ability to wonder at things that are scientifically proven or theorized to the nth power.

i must find a new way to wonder.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I wanna stay with You all night
I wanna be here in Your light
And as I look into Your eyes
I see a love divine, since before time.

And Lord, meet us in this place
Remind us all of Your embrace.
Father save us from ourselves
Teach us to give up ourself

Lord be our light from now
Until the end of time

Father, Father
We cannot go farther

Lord help me be a doer
of Your word
Help me to live the lessons
that I've learned

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ok, it's the 4th of July.

And it doesn't feel like it.

I had to work today, but I'm not upset about that... I wouldn't be such a whiner where I am writing a blog about things dealing about crying rivers and builders and bridges to get over them. I actually enjoyed work for the 5 hours I was there today. But no, that's not what I'm writing about... I just had a feeling today that there might not be many 4ths of July's left to celebrate.

And that's a scary thought or feeling to have an entire day.

So I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house and had a BBQ with them (my parents are out of town camping - not that that is my "excuse" for going to the BBQ, I am just more free at the moment to deside where I go for dinner when my parents aren't here... well... ok, I did feel a little lonely. Just a little.) After we were done eating, we talked a while about life and jobs and things to look forward to.

And then my cousin, Jenna recieved a phone call.

I remember as a kid hearing about the end times and the rapture and stuff in church and thinking to myself, "that will be in a thousand years or so". But longer I'm living in this world, the more I'm starting to think how much little time is left.

And what's worse is when your own conjured up fears become a reality. Like a chill down your spine.

When I first read about the president of Iran - the world leader in petroleum - moving for nuclear technology for "nuclear power plants", I was reminded of something I was told. It was a prophecy that had been told to President George Bush Jr. - about balls of fire rising from the ground on the eastern seaboard of the United States. It was guessed that those balls of fire (aka nuclear warheads) were to come from Iran. (I heard this 3 years ago). The prophecy is locked up in the Library of Congress.

And now Iran wants nuclear technology. Prophecy or lie?

I've always believed the end of the world would end in fire (aka nuclear warheads).

Back to that phone call. So when we turned on the news, we saw a headline reading something like - "North Korea launched first test missiles". In case you don't know much about North Korea, they have lots of nuclear warheads, and they hate the US, for one - and South Korea - an even bigger one. North Korea's long range missile capabilities mixed with Iran's coming nuclear technology could be a grave turn of events for the world as we know it... politically - but more importantly - Biblically. God is all for Israel (one thing that Iran certainly is not). Israel is God's chosen people. If I live in a country that makes moves against Israel, I'd be out of that country in a hop, skip, or any sort of fashion. I honestly have a feeling that things could go south really quick in approximately 10 years. I was watching the 700 Club, and this lady on there was saying how things are unfolding, and nobody would listen to anybody even if a prophet from God spoke up on CNN or BBC. Everybody is so "smart" where they don't need anybody else's help or advice. It's their way or the highway. And in this case, we'll say the highway is Hell. How do we know it's the end times or not if we're not listening for it?

To all who read this - even if you think the word Christianity means someone who wears ties all day and rides a bike to people's houses, or a person with a tall pointy hat - there's a lot more to live for than yourselves. I know the media and the world says that the only #1 is yourself... but toss it out with the garbage. For some people, they may only get one warning in their lifetime about their life. I pray that this isn't your only warning. I can't make you do anything, you must make your own decision, but please keep in mind what your living for - before time runs out.



In Christ eternally,